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As a gemstone and as a mineral specimen, oil well drilling. Two types of bentonite are generally identified. One is called the swelling type or sodium bentonite, which has single water layer...
Barite is an important commercial mineral. Barite “mud” is poured into deep oil wells. The heavy mud helps to flush rock chips away from the drilling head and float them to the surface for...
Walnut(NUT PLUG) shell is producing from hard skin of natural walnut by crushing in a factory in 3 sizes as below.
Size : Fine (.02-1 mm ) , Medium (.1-3 mm ) , coarse(3-5 mm )
Gilsonite, or North American Asphaltum is a natural, resinous hydrocarbon found in the Uintah Basin in northeastern Utah. This natural asphalt is similar to a hard petroleum asphalt and is often...
A variety of materials, each of which is used in the production of many products, are produced by different treatments, or processing, of rock salt or salt brine. Following are a few of the most...
Application: Drilling Oil-Glass-Dye-Forgery
Typical physical properties:
Requirements-----------------------------------------------Unit Specification
SP.GR Specific...
Used today mostly as rare mineral Specimens. Phlogopite was a little rarer member than the other micas. But not uncommon. It was mined for it's good heat and electrical insulating properties. Which...
FIBER LOCKTM(FINE, Fiber Seal , Fiber Tex) is a blend of micronized cellulose fiber. This product can be used in water-base and oil-base mud, as well as work over fluids as a source of deformable,...
The material is processed through naturally occurring sea shells of Oyster Origin. Unlike other grades which are inorganic in nature. Material derived from Oyster shells is considered to be derived...
Cellophane Flake also known as Cello Flake is an Industry standard product that is used for seepage loss control and in lost circulation pills and blends.
Mixture of vegetable fibers, synthetic fibers, cellophane flakes and granulated nut shells for addition to oil well drilling fluids.
These wood fines (sawdust) are ideal for adding to drilling fluids, for spills and mixing with drill cuttings. Our sawdust wood fines are dried to an average of 10% or less assuring that they will...
Desirable plasticity at the Time molding.
Desirable mold Permeability.
Being polished, the surface of produced shapes.
High sintering point and high level of not causticity
Pure graphite is a mineral form of the element carbon (atomic number 6) and its symbol is C. It forms in veins in metamorphic rocks as the result of the metamorphism of organic material included in...
Cotton is a soft fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant. The fibers are spun into thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile. Cotton is a valuable crop because only about 10%...
Rice husks are probably the largest mill-generated source of biomass available for energy use. As large quantities of rice husks are normally available at the rice mills there are no additional...
CIDE 5225 is a rapid acting dispersant and biocide for the control of bacteria growth in production injection water
COR 4851 is formulated product containing a mixture of amines and solubillsers
Refinery D-Emulsifier
Drilling Corrosion Inhibitor
Drilling Mud Emulsifier
Drilling Lubricant
Production Reverse D-Emulsifier
Drilling Pipe Stuck Additive
Drilling Primary Invert Emulsifier
Oil Mud Fluid Loss Controller
Oil Based Mud Viscosifier
Drilling Secondary Invert Emulsifier Extra Quality
Production Scale Inhibitor