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The most important cleansing agent we use in our everyday lives, is soap. They are made by using alkali with natural fats or oils. When soap comes to contact with water the oil breaks into smaller bits and dissolves. Although all soaps serve one purpose, to clean, but each of them could be made to suit different needs. These needs could be: body wash, beauty soap, laundry soap or medical soap. There are also exfoliation soaps which remove the dead skin and let your skin breath but are not categorized under medicated detergent. Soaps could made with different scents and colors in order to meet everyone’s style and favorite smell. Moreover, soaps are chosen by PH level and by the type of the skin. For instance, if you have a sensitive and dry skin, mild and milky soap is the suitable choice for you.

Different types of Soap

Handmade soaps are hard to make but every one of them are different. They contain glycerin, natural ingredients and are not rich in chemicals. They have mainly natural soap colors, depending on the oil it is made of, which is white or cream. The selection of oils is also important and determines the slippery, bubbles, foam, lather and hardness level. There are also an alternative for whom who want to make their soaps themselves but will not go through such a complicated process from the scratch. The ready-made soap bases available in markets make soap making easier. On the other hand manufacturers make a large diversity of soaps with different colors, scents and shapes. Although handmade soaps could be harmful for the skin but manufactured ones could also cause skin irritations and allergies. While soaps are used as detergents but novelty and guest soaps are used as decoration, which the rose and sea shells are the most popular. Similar to the manufactured soaps are the medicated soaps. Mostly they are prescribed by doctors and aim specific treatment of the skin. They are made by antibacterial agents and disinfectants are added to them to have the highest anti-virus effect. Mainly they are used as anti-acne scrubs or anti-aging soaps which slows down skin aging and wrinkles progress. These soaps include collagen, vitamins and essential oils. All the mentioned soaps are found in bars or liquid variety. Liquid variants are more complicated than making bar soaps. To be more specific, instead of sodium hydroxide (that is used in bar soaps) potassium hydroxide is used in order to make liquid soap and also more water is added. Liquid soap produce more lather and have more moisturizing effect.