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White Bentonite:

FRS Co.offers super white bentonite (Natural lumps, granular or in powder) for the ceramic industry where it is used as a plasticizer in ceramic bodies and as a suspending agent in glazes. The small amount of our super white bentonite will make the dry glaze more durable. If there are trouble with glazes chipping or flaking when being handled, consider adding it, with no doubt on its benefits. Our bentonite comes in white entirely after burning process, even more whiteness and brightness it gives, in comparison with its natural color and its natural brightness. Bentonite is not a very strong colorant but helps the glaze components stay in suspension in the mix. Bentonite is an aid to good glaze suspension, and in our experience, it also keeps the glazes from powdering so much that they come off when the glazed ware is handled. Without bentonite, glazes that are low in clay or high in frit tend to settle to the bottom of their container. Without white bentonite, such glazes will need to be stirred often to stay mixed, and it happens somehow often. You may be able to skip the bentonite, or at least use less, but one session of scraping a badly settled glaze from the bottom of a bucket can make a little bentonite seem like a great idea! Adding bentonite to a clay body in small amounts will add strength to dry clay, as it binds clay together strongly. Additionally, bentonite increases the plasticity of a clay-body, and this addition can also increase the shrinkage of a clay-body. Bentonite also decreases the drying rate and these are known as its best features. Ceramic Grade Bentonite is extracted from our mine, having a very white color, high brightness and very low iron content that provides a big advantage for color sensitive ceramic and tile products. It can be used in fine ceramics (Wall tiles, Floor tiles & Vitrified Tiles) and enamels improves molding properties, plasticizing and stabilizing properties of the products. ANALYSIS: Water of Plasticity: Min 67% Moisture: Max 10% Swelling: Min 14% ml2gr L value (brightness): Min 75.2 A value: 0.5 - 2 B value: 8-11.5 Dry MOR: 26.33 Fired MOR: 274.5 (at temp 1210 °c) Fired Shrinkage: 14.40 (at temp 1210 °c)

white Bentonite lump

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white Bentonite lump

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