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Product Description

COR 4851 is formulated product containing a mixture of amines and solubillsers, in a water carrier solvent and used as a general drilling inhibitor, for applications involving packer fluids and completion fluids.


Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Brown liquid

PH: 10.5 to 11.5

Specific Gravity@ 20° C: 1.02 to 1. 06 Gr/Cm3

Viscosity @ 20° C: Less than 30 CPS

Flash Point: Geater than 140°F

 Solubility: Water and brine

Pour Point: Less than 0° C 

Product Application Details

COR 4851 is formulated to be used as a packer fluid inhibitor or completion inhibitor. The normal treatment rate of COR 4851 is 0.5 to 1.0% of inhibitor based upon the volume of fluid to be inhibited.


COR 4851 is designed to have a high solubility in a sodium chloride and calcium chloride brines at the levels associated with normal drilling additives. Higher concentration brines, or brines using bromides require the use of COR 4860, which is designed to inhibit the bromide solvent, without the normal precipitation problems associated with convetional amine based inhibitors in this application.


Product Handling Details

Gloves and goggles should be worn when handling COR 4851 in a well ventilated area. Spillages may prove to be slippery and should be immediately contained with absorbent material.


Skin contact should be treated by removing all contaminated clothing and washing the affected area with soap and water.


Eye contact should be treated by washing the eyes with copious amounts of water and seeking prompt medical aid.


Product Packing Details

COR 4851 is packing in US Gallon drums.