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Product Description


Break 6500EP demulsifier is a blend of alkoxylated resins high molecular weight polyols and alkoxylated amines in an aromatic solvent. They have been formulated to give good emulsion breaking rapid water separation in a range of medium to high API gravity crudes. Demulsifiers can however be very selective and should always be bottle tested before being used to treat specific crude.


Break 6500EP was designed to be effective on Iranian crude oils, with particular emphasis on leaving dry pipeline oil and giving fast water drop for onshore platform use. 


Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Dark brown liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20° C: 0.92  to 0.94 gr/cm3

Pour Point: Min -10 °C

Flash point: Min 125°F

Viscosity @ 20° C: Less than 50 cps

Solubility: Oil /Aromatic 

Product Application Details


Break 6500EP demulsifier should be injected into the crude via metering pumps at a point of high turbulence. For some applications, where there are very tight emulsions present, it may be necessary to inject them at the well heads, but in most cases it can be added at the manifold entering the treating stations. Each individual application must be excused using bottle tests and field trials to obtain the optimum Does levels and injection points before any full scale use is attempted. The normal Does rate will usually be in the range of 2 to 5 ppm based on the total fluids produced. 


Product Handling Details


Formulated in a heavy aromatic solvent and therefore prolonged or repeated skin contact should be avoided. Any spillages should be promptly absorbed with sand or earth which can then be removed land fill or incinerated.


In case of skin contact, remove all contaminated clothing and wash the affected area with soap and water. Launder all contaminated clothing before re-use. 


In the case of eye contact hold the eyelids open and flush the eyes with water for 15 minutes. Seek immediate medical advice.


In the case of ingestion, drink large quantities of milk or water and seek immediate aid. DO NOT induce vomiting. 



Product Packing Details


Break 6500DEP is normally supplied in 55US gallon steel drums.