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Glue or adhesive is a non metallic substance that binds two surfaces together. Nowadays there are different types of glue which could be replaced by other binding strategies, such as welding, sewing or any kind of patching. Adhesive can be found naturally or synthetically. The natural glue have an organic source such as resin, vegetable starch or animal source. The most famous tree which produces glue is, pine tree that the extracted glue is also used as a gum. These kind of glue was found and used for over two hundred years ago.

How to apply glue properly

Mainly all glues have some common characteristics. The first thing you should be aware of while using glues, is after applying let the glue dry in order to strengthen. The other point you should consider in every gluing, is some surface preparation such as cleaning, drying or sometimes roughening is needed to be done before applying the glue. Another factor which helps us to take more advantage of glue, a slight pressing and not moving the two glued materials. Many use fixturing and pressing applicators such as hand-held applicator, which help to have a better and more accurate results. The temperature of the environment and the surface of the materials you aim to glue is also an issue which you should pay attention in order to have a better adhesion.

Different types of glue

White glue is used for materials which weigh less such as paper, cartons, cardboards, fabrics, plastics and also for decorative effect. Its low toxicity, clear color and versatile applications, makes it the most common used type of glue. It could be found in glitter, colored and fine pigment effects. Another type of glue is wood glue, which is a craft glue and as its name implies is used in wood works. Some are yellow and some are white while turning clear as it dries. They take more time to fully strength as the previous mentioned glue and could be found in waterproof or not water resistant type. Depending on the particular type wood glue could be used for interior or exterior woodworks. Super glue or Cyanoacrylate adhesives is mainly used to combine anything even metal or ceramics and strengthens quickly. Beside super glue, hot glue or hot melt adhesive, functions quickly as it cools down. Hot glue could be used for many items because of its high viscosity but mainly used for decorative issues such as flower, picture frames or other decorative crafts. In addition to the mentioned glues there are other types such as fabric adhesives, spray glue, Polyurethane adhesives…which all have different applications. Awareness and reading the brochure helps choosing the right glue and leads to achieving the desired goal.