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Chlorides are inorganic anionic halogen and is a compound of chlorine with another element such as salt or ester. Chloride increases the electrical conductivity of water and most common chlorides are soluble in water unlike solver chloride. In nature chloride is found in seawater and evaporite minerals.

Chloride salts

Chloride is one of two element that makes table salt. Chloride salts include potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and ammonium chloride. Potassium chloride is a compound of potassium and chloride. It is used in medicine which replaces the deficiency of potassium in our body that makes our organs work properly. Moreover it can replace table salt. Sodium chloride or the known salt, is an essential compound in many ways. Although we should keep in mind that sodium is not salt, but sodium is a mineral. Its edible form so called table salt is not only a spice but is considered as agent for food preservation. Salt relaxes muscles, absorb and transport nutrients, transmit nerve signals and has many other advantages but too little or too much salt could be harmful for your body. This combination of sodium or na and chloride or cl has also usage in medical industry or other industries and also used as de-icing for roadways. Another chloride salt is calcium chloride, like the previous kinds it is an inorganic, soluble in water and white color compound. It is mainly used as de-icing more effective than sodium chloride and preventing ice formation. It is also used in cement mixes, food, oil industries, etc. Ammonium chloride is a by product of sodium carbonate and is an acidifying salt. This inorganic compound has diuretic and expectorant effects aids in pH regulation, is mildly acidic and has a white color. It is used in fertilizer as nitrogen source, medicine especially in cough relief medicines, in cooling baths and in glue.


Chloride is a major component of dissolved solids. The many essential uses in de-icing and medicine made people to concentrate on this compound more and more. We should keep in consideration, although this natural inorganic compound has many benefits and life would be unthinkable but like other elements it could be harmful too. The right amount of chlorides not only play an important role in our body but are crucial for environment also.