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Polish : Polish is a substance which softens and glosses the surface when applied. Not only polish effects the appearance the surface it is applied on but enhances the strength and durability of the item. It removes oxidation, prevents scratches and has a waterproof effect. There is a wide range of polish from matte to mirror bright. When we mention polish, the first thing it might come to everyone’s mind is shoe polish but there are different polishing processes. Wood polish, chemical and mechanical polishing, vapor and flame polishing are examples of other kinds except the polishes we usually deal with every day. The kind of polish must be chosen according to the material it is going to applied on. This chemical treatment gives a smooth, shiny and elegant look to the item polish is rubbed on. So it is used to increase the beauty of things we wear, such as shoes and leather accessories. Shoe polishes come in three types cream-emulsion, wax or liquid all three types consist of dyes, solvent and waxes. Polish is not a cleaning product therefore the surface should be clean and dry to have the desired effect from the polished item.


Creams content oil, water, emulsifier and thickening agent. Creams and ointments have medical and cosmetic purposes. The water in creams make them absorbed through the skin and the oil helps keeping your skin moist. Generally treatment creams are in tubes. On the other hand, ointments have more oil such as mineral oil and petroleum. Due to the existing oil, ointments stay on the top of the skin and are not absorbed rapidly. Therefore they are ideal for medical issues such as infections and antibiotics. Lotions are considered the same as creams but they are totally different. While creams have half oil and half water amount, lotions contains more water and very little oil. So lotions are thinner than creams and absorbed very fast. Knowing your skin type can lead you to a better choice of cream, lotion or ointment.