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Product Description


LUBRICANT-EX is an oil soluble blend of natural oils and modified oils, formulated in a non-toxic base.


Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Dark brown liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20° C: 0.91 To 0.94 Gr/Cm3

Viscosity@ 20˚ C: Less than 100

Pour point: Below -10° C

Flash PointAbove 150° F

Solubility: Oil

Product Application Details


LUBRICANT-EX is a dispersible, biodegradable product that can be used as a general drilling lubricant or as an extreme pressure lubricant. It is applied in any water-based application where a reduction in torque or drag is needed.


LUBRICANT-EX exhibits extreme pressure lubricity properties as well as other surface-active properties such as emulsification and wetting.


LUBRICANT-EX will not affect the characteristics of the drilling fluid in use, and will not give sheen on water because it is aromatic free.


LUBRICANT-EX should be applied at a dosage of approximately 1 lb./bbl of the total fluids however this would vary greatly depending upon the severity of the problem encountered.



Product Handling Details


LUBRICANT-EX may cause irritation to tissue. Wash affected areas with soap and water. Irrigate eye spillages with copious quantities of water and seek medical advice.


Product Packing Details

LUBRICANT-EX is supplied in US gallon drums.