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Product Description

GLYMUD are broad cloud-point, wide molecular weight range of polyalkylene glycols mixture, designed for water based drilling mud. They can provide improved wellbore stability. Shale inhibition, increased lubricity, high-temperature filtration control, plus reduce bit balling potential. “Cloud Point” is the temperature where polyglycol additives change from being soluble to being insoluble. Shale inhibition is improved when the additive is cloud out. The cloud point temperature can be reduced by increasing salinity and by increasing the concentration of GLYMUD.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Light brown liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20° C: 1.09 ± 0.02

pH(neat): 6-8

Flash Point, CC: 100 °C

Cloud point (3%in salt water), °C: > 90

Viscosity @ 20° C: 40-50 CP

Water content, : Max 2%

Solubility at 25°CFresh water & brine

IBP, °C: 240±10

Product Application Details

GLYMUD ranges of polyglycols are recommended for fresh water to seawater makeup water and most effective when used in conjunction with an inhibitor salt, these additives help to stabilize troublesome shale by reducing liquid phase activity and by plugging shale pores, preventing the equalization of hydrostatic pressure away from the wellbore. GLYMUD polyglycols have application where water- sensitive shale are to be drilled, and can be used instead of oil-base systems for certain applications. GLYMUD can be used in Thermally Activated Mud Emulsion applications or in situations where it is insoluble (above the cloud point). Normal dosages range from 2 to 4 volume percent of water based drilling mud.

Product Handling Details

GLYMUD generally not regarded difficulties in handling & storage. They are inert low order of toxicity, low volatile, stable, high flash point and non-corrosive.

Handle as an industrial chemical and wearing protective equipment.

Keep container tightly closed at ambient temperature and keep away from excessive heated areas, naked flames and sparks. They are not compatible with strong acids and oxidizing agent such as sulphuric, nitric acid, peroxide and chlorine.  

Product Packing Details

GLYMUD are available in 55-gallon steel drums. Expiry date is generally two years after production.