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gilsonite use in painting and color
News Group: News Group 2 [ 15 May 2021 ]

The field of inks and colors :
Gilsonite resin is often used as the primary carbon black ink, news ink, and headset, and gravure inks. Gilsonite resin is a good competitor to petroleum, phenolic and thin metal wire hydrocarbon resins, which can act as a complement or replacement to all of them. Keep in mind that several concentrations of Gilsonite resin are used for durable news inks with better gloss and adhesion properties. On the other hand, distinct grades of certain species of Gilsonite called select are used in the formulation of black inks as well as additives in asphalt paints and polishes.
Gilsonite is used to extract black and opaque brown pigments, which are used to make printer inks. Iranian Gilsonite is widely used along with carbon black to produce black ink and gravure ink. Gilsonite resin of Iran competes very well with petroleum-based hydrocarbon resins, phenolic resins, and metal resins, which can be used with different concentrations at all costs. Different concentrations of this substance are used to produce special inks with high luminosity. A special type of Gilsonite is also used in the manufacture of asphalt black paints and polished oils.

Gilsonite can also be used to prepare a black-brown colored solution that is used in bitumen coating gas, sewage, etc. This product is used in covering exterior surfaces, as well as to create acid resistance of surfaces, car chassis coating, coating of metal structures. It is also used as a low-cost alternative to other resins in black ink compounds.
In this field(painting), the company has succeeded in producing products with suitable quality for use in the paint industry, as well as in the production of rubber called Gilsonite micronized powder - rubber and paint additive. The company's product is used in domestic paint and rubber companies after the relevant tests.