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Who are Caustic soda flakes producers?
News Group: News Group 2 [ 11 February 2022 ]

Caustic soda is a highly active chemical that is used in a variety of industries. Caustic soda flakes producers try to help buyers with producing quality products in a variety of ways so that they can easily buy what they need. This material is one of the main materials used in the petrochemical industry to produce a wide variety of products. Caustic soda flakes producers know that their products are used in detergent powder industries, glass and paper industries, military industries, textile industries, pharmaceutical industries, metal, and ceramic tile industries, and agricultural and chemical industries. If you want to know more about the caustic soda flakes producers, we suggest you accompany us to the end of the article.

Who are Caustic soda flakes producers?

Who are the caustic soda flakes producers?

Note that the caustic soda flakes producers are people who try to produce this product in different concentrations and with different qualities. A variety of equipment and methods are used to generate caustic soda flakes in this process and reach the customers who need them. The caustic soda flake industrial production line is very special and strategic and caustic soda flakes producers are very specialized people who try to deliver high quality and diverse products to their customers.

What are the methods of producing caustic soda?

Now that we have talked to you about what caustic soda is, and who are the caustic soda flakes producers; It is better to mention the production methods of this product for you. In general, there are three main ways to generate caustic soda profit, so let's take a closer look at the other three methods.

Production of caustic soda by diaphragm method

The first method used by manufacturers of caustic soda to produce this substance is the diaphragm method. In this process, the two parts of the reactor are separated by a permeable diaphragm plate. In a diaphragm reactor, saturated brine enters the anode portion of the cell, where chlorine gas is released and flows from there to the cathode portion. The role of the diaphragm in this method is to separate the brine solution from the liquid soda at the cathode, where hydrogen gas is released.

Production of caustic soda by membrane method

The most common method of producing sodium hydroxide is the electrolysis of brine (aqueous solution of sodium chloride) in a membrane cell. The difference between this method and the diaphragm method is that around each of the electrodes in the solution, it is surrounded by a membrane instead of a diaphragm. In this method, saturated brine enters the first chamber of the reactor (where chlorine gas is released). In this section, chloride ions are oxidized by the anode and converted to chlorine gas by losing electrons.

Production of caustic soda by mercury method

In the mercury method, the saline solution is placed on top of a thin layer of mercury. In this process, mercury acts as a cathode and interacts with the sodium formed in the solution to form a mixture of sodium and mercury (amalgam). Sodium-mercury amalgam is continuously removed from the reactor and reacted with water to decompose the mixture into sodium hydroxide, hydrogen, and mercury.

Who are the caustic soda flakes producers?

Production of caustic soda flakes

The methods mentioned above are used by the manufacturers of caustic soda to eventually produce liquid caustic soda. After the liquid caustic soda is produced, the evaporation process begins and the caustic soda is heated to a temperature of 1400 ° C so that the liquid evaporates and the caustic soda is produced in solid form so that caustic soda flakes producers can satisfy the market needs by selling and exporting it.