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Red Iron Oxide Usages
“FRS Red Iron Oxide Usages”: FRS Red Iron Oxide in Concrete: Iron oxide particles, as produced for the construction industry, are 10 times finer than cement particles. When Red Iron Oxide is added to a concrete mix, the iron oxide particles actually surround and coat the cement particles. That is why integral color is dosed or metered based on the cement content, not on the amount of sand, stone or water. That the average color loading is only 2.5 pounds of pigment per 94 pounds of cement (2.6 percent) demonstrates the coloring power of iron oxide pigments. This coloring power is called tinting strength, and it is important to note that not all iron oxides have the same tinting strengths. Not only do different manufacturing processes affect the tinting strength, but adding inert fillers when blending colors can dilute or reduce the tinting strength of pigments. FRS Red Iron Oxide in Tiles & Ceramics: Red Iron Oxide is widely used to color Paver Blocks, Designer Tiles, Roofing Tiles etc. due to its long-lasting color intensity, resistance to UV rays and weathering resistance. Vibrant shades bring life to individual designs at homes, public places and workplaces. Red Iron Oxide is also used in the manufacturing of Ceramic Colors that go into coloring of Ceramic Tiles in vivid designs. FRS Red Iron Oxide in Leather: Synthetic iron oxide brown is used extensively for preparation of leather colorants. It is totally free from heavy metals and hence preferred by the industry. FRS iron oxide pigment Feature: Low heavy metals, Good weatherability, Good Light fastness, Good alkali resistance, Strong tighting, Fine dispersion, and Low viscosity. FRS Red Iron Oxide in Cosmetics: The cosmetics industry uses the product to create various pigments in make-up. Because it is non-toxic, water repellent, and it does not run or bleed, it is an ideal additive to cosmetics such as mascara, foundation, and eye shadow. The Other uses of FRS Red Iron Oxide are as following. ** Nutrients and feeds ** Body and Face cream ** Pavement ** Masonry (for decoration purposes) ** Plastic industry ** Rubber ** Paper (colorful papers) ** Paint ** Coating ** Mulch (for decoration purposes) ** Wood Polish ** Printer machines (as powder) ** Drugs ** Ink ** Producing red bricks