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Industrial Uses Walnut Shell

Ground-up walnut shells go into products used for metal cleaning and polishing, oil well drilling, paint and explosives. They are used to clean jet engines, electronic circuit boards, ships and auto gear systems. The paint industry uses the shells to make plaster-effect paints. The ground-up shell also can be used as a natural stain. The shells are used as filler in dynamite.

Walnut shell filters are simple and reliable, compared to many filtration techniques designed to remove oil contaminants and suspended solids from water. There are no chemicals, very few moving parts and the walnut shell filter media can be used over and over again. Walnut shell filters can take water with up to 100 parts per million of contaminants and reduce this level to under 5 parts per million. This is cleaner than normal drinking water.

These unique natural filters have applications in the chemical, petrochemical, metal working and power generation industries, but they are especially valuable in offshore drilling applications. The great thing about the latest generation of Walnut Shell Filters is that they are small and light enough to be installed on a ship.

Couple this with the fact that walnut shell filters can be specifically designed for offshore use to remove more than 98 percent of the contaminants passing through it, and it has an amazing large scale application. These filters can be used to treat oil field produced water, refinery wastewater, and other types of wastewater.



Walnut shell also serves as an environmentally safe and effective filtration media when separating crude oil from water. 


Fillers and Extenders

The dynamite industry uses ground Walnut shell as filler in dynamite.  Walnut shell flour is used as a filler and adhesive ingredient in the manufacture of plywood-and as filler mixed with resins to create cold castings.  (Walnut Shell) is an effective means of Controlling Lost Circulation. The fine grade of walnut shell can be circulated through a 20 Mesh Shale Shaker Screen. Coarse grade will be removed from the system unless the solid control / removal equipment is by past.

GLO NUT (Walnut Shell) is compatible with both water and Oil based Drilling Fluids and is non toxic and biodegradable

size & packing of Walnut shell

Walnut shell is producing from hard skin of natural walnut by crushing in factory in 3 sizes as below. Size :Fine (.02-1 mm ),Medium (.1-3 mm ), coarse(3-5 mm ) Packing:25kg or 1 ton jumbo bag

medium size of Walnut shell

Medium size of Walnut shell

coarse size of Walnut shell

coarse size of Walnut shell

Fine size of Walnut shell

Fine size of Walnut shell

MSDS walnut shell

MSDS walnut shell