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“Walnut Shell (Nutplug) Usages In Industry”
TOP NEWS: “Producing battery components by using walnut shell” ** Did you know that a kind of waste can be changed to a source of energy? In an Institute of Science, Education and Research in India, scientists are making effort to find a solution for using thousands of tonnes of walnut shell that is left behind by growers and walnut processors. The idea was to use walnut shell to produce high-quality carbon which is to be used in some parts of a battery. Battery systems are vital for all renewable energy resource management and usage, including electric vehicles and biomedical devices. According to the study, many hectares of land are under cultivation of walnuts in the world. And many tonnes of organic waste (walnut shell) are generated from the lands. The crushed walnut shells are first cleansed by acids and then they are heated at high temperatures for four to five hours. Later the carbon timbers are extracted before it is powered or converted into a paste form. The residue of walnut is unattended and causes serious problems to the farmers and other people. Unfortunately the residue of walnut shell is treated as waste substances. The farmers even burn it that causes a wide range of air pollution. A main advantage of using the walnut shell is its natural composition. Some new batteries are expected to be much cheaper than the lithium batteries and can make the overall setups reasonably priced. If this technique becomes commercially feasible, farmers of walnut shell may have an extra source of income, from something that they deal with as a kind of waste material earlier. At the laboratory, the scientists could extract about 350 mg of battery grade carbon from one gram of power obtained from the walnut shell. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- “Walnut Shell (Nutplug) Usages In Industry” Walnut Shell (Nutplug) is used as a raw material to put right lost flow challenges ordinary in typical drilling operations; associated with stimulation drilling mud losses. Walnut shell (Nutplug) will be pumped into the well with the mud, this process is aimed to seal perforations to create a more secure and less permeable well environment. It is an easy and efficient solution without considerably modifying the drilling fluid consistency. On the other hands, walnut shell (Nutplug) may be removed and can be recycled effortlessly. Walnut Shell (Nutplug) is used for the water purification. Walnut Shell (Nutplug) is the best thing to remove the oil and grease, as well as suspend solids from a variety of heavy oil and other oilfield produced water creeks. Walnut shell (Nutplug) is chemically static, hard, and perfect for oily water processing and is also able to spring back into shape after stretching or being compressed. Benefits of walnut shell abrasive blasting Walnut shell abrasive blasting has gotten a few benefits: 1) Versatility: Walnut shell abrasive blasting may be used for fiberglass, industrial molds, MDF, Tiles, stone, steel , ceramics and other surfaces. 2) Quick: Application and cleanup is fast and easy, and there is no time-requirement for drying after walnut abrasive blasting is done. 3) Selective coating removal: Walnut shell is effective for disrobing paint and top layers without damaging micro-finishes and underlying sub-layers. 4) Safe for environment and Non-toxic: On its nature, walnut shell is biodegradable, reclaimable, and harmless for health or work environments. 5) Cheapness: Since it cleans efficiently without damaging surfaces and is reusable in certain circumstances, walnut shell is an affordable method to smooth, clean, and restore large areas and layers or precision pieces