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1- Type I Portland Cement .

Description :

This type of cement has recently been upgraded from the resistance class of 1-325 which was produced previously . to the resistance class of 1-425 the improved 1-425 has considerably increased the resistance for type I cements .the production of the 1-425 cement is gone through the testing stages in order to obtain the seal of standard .

Uses :
The type I cement can be used for all purposes . because of high resistance of this cement its use more suitable for those purposes which requires high primary resistance . such as blocks markers prefabricated beams and Etc….

Advantages :
Great mechanical resistance . its three days primary resistance can even meet the standard requirements for type III cement . it has moderate resistance for preventing corrosion of chlorine . its price is fair and economical because less cement is used in designing concrete mix .

Limitations :
For those purpose which the concrete is exposed to the existing sulphates in soil or water (for example the sea water ) C150 AStM Standard & 389 ISIRI Standard .

Chemical specification of Portland cement type I

StandardSo2Al2o3Fe2o3CaoMgoSo3ClIns.ResL.O.I Na2O+0.658k20F. Cao
ASTM     <6 <3.5 <0.75 <3 %
ISIRI     <5 <3.5 <0.75 <3  
F.R.S Co. Cement 21.2-.21.65.40-5.903.20-3.4563.8-64.5 2.0-2.5 1.4-2.0 <0.040.40-0.650.6-1.20.8-1.01.0-1.8



Physical specification of Portland cement type I

Standard BlaineAutoclave ExpansionSetting    time Compressive  Strength   Kg/cm2Heat of cal/gr.   hydration
 Cm2/g%Final (Min)Final (Min)3days7Days28days 7Days28days
ASTM>2800<0.8>45<375 >128>197   
ISIRI>2800<0.8>45<360 >120>200>330  
F.R.S Co. Cement2850-30000.1-0.290-110130-180 180-220290-330>400-45068-7880-90


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